A malleable, anti-skid decal designed for indoor and outdoor use. This unique characteristic of Concrete Graphics allows it to conform to grooves and take the shape of any surface, making it look like it's been painted on.

Concrete Graphics can easily be installed by using peel-and-stick application.

Concrete Graphics is an ideal sign product for way-finding, event promotion, facility safety, advertising and getting your message in front of pedestrians.

Concrete Graphics are:

  • Digitally printed to meet your customization needs ... and fast!

  • Anti-skid, meeting international anti-slip safety standards.

  • Durable, withstanding pedestrian traffic.

  • Perfect for use on most concrete, asphalt, brick, and tile surfaces.

  • Easy to install - no special equipment needed.

  • Malleable, making surfaces look painted.

  • Available in custom prints or blank rolls for UV printing. 

Custom Concrete Graphics
M5 Signs has the experience needed when installing and designing concrete graphics.

Concrete Graphics