One of the key lessons we have learned over the years from integrators and being in the field ourselves is… “Always have sales brochures in the trucks!”  You never know when you will run into a sales opportunity, and the best side-kick is a simple yet professional tri-fold.

Rack card marketing is vital to the tourist industry, especially if you're a newcomer without an established name outside of your local area. There are five components to a successful rack card marketing campaign: target audience, design and copy, offer, printing and distribution.

​Understand the profile of your target customers. It’s important to know the profile of your target market. To whom will you be sending your postcards to? If you plan to purchase a marketing list, see to it that the demographics are included and that all the information are up to date. On the other hand, if you’re using your own listing, it is recommended that you conduct research first before launching a postcard marketing campaign.

Full service printing services and design.

Print Products:

Booklets,Bookmarks,Brochures,Business cards,Calenders,Envelopes,

Greeting cards, Letterhead,Magnetics,

Mini business cards,Notepads,Postcards,Posters,Rack cards


Premium quality

All printing products are printed on super thick 15pt. enviromentally sustainable card stock.

We also offer FREE UV coating that make images pop.








Pro design.

Coming together to provide you with award winning design work.

We have over 20 years of creating designs and signs.

Let us create your logo and branding identity...Brand DNA.

While the majority of printing companies still operate outdated print presses that use toxic chemicals and consume over 25,000 gallons of water per month (enough to fill an Olympic size swimming pool), M5 Signs is making a difference with our waterless printing technology.


Rack Cards.

Great for pictures and pricing lists.

Post Cards.

Mailing and marketing

Tri Folded Brochures.

Your best side kick!

Green Printing Process

Whether you are a small business owner, a graphic designer, or you just want to create your own invitations and things, making a big impression on your business cards, greeting cards, or mailers matters. Add in the fact that we are a green printer, and you have a product that will stand out from the rest.


Waterless Printing

Here are just a few advantages of waterless printing as opposed to the industry standard conventional lithographic printing:

  • Precision printing out of dots, better fine drawing, lower dot gain

  • Printing with thicker ink layers possible, therefore higher density values with brilliant printing results in less start-up waste

  • No more emission problems due to the lack of isopropanol in the dampening solution

  • Simpler machine construction due to lack of dampening unit and peripheral devices

  • No trapping, better consistency across the print run of inks printed together in the screen

  • Fewer potential error sources, as there is no longer dampening solution to have an influence on ink drying

  • The oxidation of metallic inks, e.g. offset silver, is no longer possible