Why Use Signs:


Signage may be one of the most important ingredients of your company's success. Businesses exist in a highly competitive environment; to succeed you must be able to quickly communicate the correct message to your customers about the products or services you offer. In today's competitive market, signage plays a crucial role in advertising for your business. Good signage can be the difference in the success or failure of your business.


Signs say so much about your business! A properly designed and well maintained sign delivers an impressionable image to your customers. Your sign can help develop and support your company's brand, prompt or change a purchasing decision and compliment the aesthetics in your community. The first thing a customer will see is your sign. This is the ultimate way to influence your customers buying decisions before they set one foot in your business. You should look at the cost of signage as advertising for your business. The initial price for a sign may seem high but when you break that cost down over a five or ten year period it's easy to see how affordable and cost effective the purchase of a sign is. 


Take a sign that is priced at $5000.00 and spread it out over a five year time frame and you'll see that the most effective advertising for your business is $83.33 per month. At ten years it's only $41.67!

A sign is a sound investment in your business. With a sign you actually are purchasing something you can put your hands on, not just thin air. With other forms of advertising they are here today and hopefully remembered tomorrow. A sign is here today, tomorrow, next week, next year and so on. Comparing the cost to purchase a sign to other forms of advertising will quickly reveal that "hands down" signage is the least expensive most effective way to spend your advertising dollar. The shape, size, color scheme, logo, graphic elements, pictures, size of text and overall layout of your sign determines how effective your message is delivered to your customers. The proper combination of all these elements will make your sign a highly effective advertising tool. On the other side of the spectrum a sign with poor layout, color combination and improper use of graphic elements can make a sign that doesn't get noticed, is hard to read or even worse gives off the wrong impression about your business.


One of the most important elements to an effective sign is the layout and design, you can have all the outlines and shadows in the world on your sign, but if you can't read it at it's actual viewing distance it becomes a blurred waste of space and money. It's easy to see how important a sign is for your business. Signs can effect how your customers look at your business, what they will say about your business, when they will spend, how much they will spend and when it's time to buy help them remember to buy from you. One of the hardest things to do for a business owner is to took a good look at his own business and see what others see from the outside. 


The SIGN of a good business.


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